Lake Superior Zen Gardens - LARGE ◇

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Lake Superior (Desktop) Zen Gardens:

Lake Superior Zen Gardens captures, in miniature, the spirit of “the big lake they call Gitche Gumee.” 

With natural elements lovingly gathered along its mystic shores, each Zen Garden is a desktop shrine to our beautiful Lake Superior.

Each garden contains authentic Lake Superior beach sand and stones of varied shapes, colour and texture.  They may also contain small agates, driftwood pieces and beach glass. 

A painted Yinyang stone or a small rake may also be featured.  Some have been specially adorned with birch bark siding.  Aromatherapy with essential oils or a tea light candle are attractive options. 

With these unique desktop Zen Gardens, one can absorb the spirit of Lake Superior to calm your mind, reduce your stress, improve your well-being and energize your inner soul. 

Size:  6x6 inches